Connecting with Our Community

History of Kerrisdale Arena

  History of Kerrisdale Arena Rocking and rolling through November 2016 to June 2017 artists Lisa g Nielsen and Rene Cherrie will fuse sound and image exploring the exciting history of Kerrisdale Arena. Community members will be invited to collaborate with stories, vision, music, art and more to create an immersive video and sound installation… Continue Reading

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Mom’s the Word at Kerrisdale!

Thanks for the Quali-tea Time with Mom! We look back on our inaugural Mother’s Day event on Saturday, May 13 that was organized by the Youth Leaders in Action group, under the auspices of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society’s (KCCS) Youth Committee. Youth members meticulously planned the event, decorated the venue and served tea and cookies… Continue Reading


KCCS Summer 2017 Report to the Membership

  KCCS Summer 2017 Report to the Membership   Kathleen Bigsby, our hard working president, has been on vacation for the past few weeks so as Past-President it is my pleasure to provide an update on recent events and achievements at the Kerrisdale Community Centre. The most important, and pressing issue of course is the… Continue Reading


Kerrisdale Community Garden

  Welcome to the Kerrisdale Community Garden (KCG).   The Kerrisdale Community Garden (KCG) is a collaborative association of 21 plot holders who work together to: grow vegetables and flowers in an organic and pesticide-free manner collaborate on community based projects enjoy the harmony and good feeling that comes from honest satisfying work in a beautiful… Continue Reading


Kevin Wong: Community through Language Exchange

  Kevin Wong: Forming a Community through Language Exchange Read the full Kerrisdale PlayBook article here   Arriving in Vancouver from Hong Kong in 1980, Kevin Wong understands the difficulty of learning a new language in a foreign place. As we sit in the Kerrisdale Community Centre, his hand holding a book that will foreshadow… Continue Reading


Join the KCCS Board

 Apply now to Join the KCCS Board of Directors! Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) has more than 70-years of history in delivering recreational, social and artistic programs and services to the Kerrisdale community. Strong communities rely on their own resources, and Kerrisdale is both a strong and evolving neighbhourhood with ever-changing needs. One of those needs is… Continue Reading


PB and CCAs deal in jeopardy? – Dec 6 (Vancouver Sun)

PB and CCAs deal in jeopardy? – Dec 6 (Vancouver Sun Article) A proposed new deal between the Vancouver park board and 20 community-centre associations that’s been more than a decade in the making may be in jeopardy even before it’s implemented.  If approved, the joint operating agreement would signal a new chapter in a relationship, which, in the… Continue Reading


JOA Backgrounder

Backgrounder THE CURRENT SITUATION The Park Board and volunteer non-profit community centre associations (CCAs) jointly operate community centres in Vancouver. There are 20 community centre associations in Vancouver. For the first time in more than four years, 15 community centre associations have come together to develop consensus on a proposal that has been submitted to… Continue Reading


CCAs call for PB meeting as show of good faith-Nov 23

Community Centre Associations call for Park Board meeting as show of good faith – November 23, 2016 Vancouver, B.C. – A group of Community Centre Associations (CCAs) #mycommunitycentre is urging the Park Board commissioners to meet with them on Dec. 3, two days after the expect ed release of a new draft of the Joint… Continue Reading


President’s Report to the Membership – Winter 2017

President’s Report to the Membership – Winter 2017 For many of us, the new year is a time when we make commitments to ourselves about improving our health, increasing physical activity or venturing into a new area of learning.  At Kerrisdale, our team of dedicated Park Board staff and community volunteers work together to bring… Continue Reading