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What can I do to be more involved in my community?

Being involved in your community makes you a more responsible citizen.  You are taking an active role in helping to shape your community.  Being more involved can also give you a voice in your community. There are many ways to get involved in your community. Making new connections to your community benefits everyone.  If you want to help out in your community, all you need is free time and the desire to make your neighborhood a better place. You can inspire others as well as yourself!

Do you enjoy making a difference and helping others? Would you like to gain experience and skills, while working as a team to create great experiences for people in this community?

IMG_1984Join the Kerrisdale Community Centre

Join the Board of Directors. Click here for more info.
• Contribute to the community.
• Learn more about your Centre.
• Have a say in what happens.
• Meet new people.
• Become an instructor, share your skills.

Contact us at 5851 West Boulevard Vancouver, BC (Corner of West Boulevard and 42nd) phone: (604) 257-8100 ex 1


  THE KERRISDALE COMMUNITY SAYS “DON’T SIGN”! Over 300 members of the Kerrisdale community turned out at two meetings Tuesday, June 20 to learn about the agreement Park Board wants us to sign. There was overwhelmingly strong support for asking Park Board to revisit the agreement it’s offering. Great crowd turnout to both sessions of… Continue Reading


History of Kerrisdale Arena

  History of Kerrisdale Arena Rocking and rolling through November 2016 to June 2017 artists Lisa g Nielsen and Rene Cherrie will fuse sound and image exploring the exciting history of Kerrisdale Arena. Community members will be invited to collaborate with stories, vision, music, art and more to create an immersive video and sound installation… Continue Reading

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Mom’s the Word at Kerrisdale!

Thanks for the Quali-tea Time with Mom! We look back on our inaugural Mother’s Day event on Saturday, May 13 that was organized by the Youth Leaders in Action group, under the auspices of the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society’s (KCCS) Youth Committee. Youth members meticulously planned the event, decorated the venue and served tea and cookies… Continue Reading


Voted #1 Community Centre in Vancouver

Voted 1# Community Centre in Vancouver   Kerrisdale Comunity Centre would like to thank all our new and loyal patrons and Vancouver Courier readers for voting KCC as the “Best Community Centre in Vancouver.”  Read more about the contest here. Kerrisdale Community Centre Arena Exercise Room Kerrisdale Indoor Pool Maple Grove Outdoor Pool Room Rentals… Continue Reading


KCCS Summer 2017 Report to the Membership

  KCCS Summer 2017 Report to the Membership   Kathleen Bigsby, our hard working president, has been on vacation for the past few weeks so as Past-President it is my pleasure to provide an update on recent events and achievements at the Kerrisdale Community Centre. The most important, and pressing issue of course is the… Continue Reading


Kerrisdale Community Garden

  Welcome to the Kerrisdale Community Garden (KCG).   The Kerrisdale Community Garden (KCG) is a collaborative association of 21 plot holders who work together to: grow vegetables and flowers in an organic and pesticide-free manner collaborate on community based projects enjoy the harmony and good feeling that comes from honest satisfying work in a beautiful… Continue Reading