Music in the Park

Join us for live music at Maple Grove Park Friday evenings in July from 6:30 to 7:30pm. All ages, Free.


Performance Lineup

Jul 8-Jon Lee Trio

Jon Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to Vancouver, Canada at age 13. He first began learning and playing music with the piano at age 10 and picked up the guitar at 12. He started playing the guitar with hard rock & heavy metal and has broaden his musical interests to jazz & blues and world music. He is currently working as a guitarist, composer & arranger, and music educator. As a musician, Jon Lee has composed, arranged, and performed at a variety of venues around the globe (Canada, U.S., Argentina, and Korea). He has also performed with a number of internationally credited players like Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Greene, and Hugh Fraser.

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Jul 15-Alexander Flock

Alexander Flock is a versatile guitarist specializing in solo acoustic guitar. As a solo performer, he combines bass, melody, choral accompaniment, and percussive techniques to create a sound so rich and full you may find it hard to believe all that sound is coming from a single instrument. His performances are high energy and traverse many styles. Traditional Travis pickin’ tunes, jazz standards from the days gone by, instrumental arrangements of Beatles’ songs, and even his own impressive original works can all be expected at a performance.

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Jul 22-Backspin

The Bluegrass Band, Backspin, plays a mix of traditional and country-flavoured Bluegrass Songs as well as songs and tunes of their own creation. Bluegrass Music is one of only two forms of music to have completely evolved in North America – the other being Jazz. Bluegrass has roots in Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish traditional music and was developed by Grand Old Opry star Bill Monroe during the ‘40’s. It is sometimes described as “folk music in overdrive”.

Jul 29-Murfitt & Main

Murfitt & Main plumb the depths of country, bluegrass, and western swing, playing home-made songs steeped in the living tradition of roots music. Their original songs possess a clarity rooted in the musical traditions of rural North America, in a contemporary voice. Heartbreak, honky-tonks, whiskey, unions, religion, the Canadian terrain, and the Berlin wall are all fair game in their songwriting. Sweet vocal harmonies draw listeners in adding that high lonesome country sound to the mix.

Comprising the core of the band are the two song-smiths Warren Murfitt (guitar and vocals), and Kate Main (upright bass and vocals). Other musicians who add their considerable musical talents on frequent occasion: Chris Dawson-Murphy (banjo, guitar and vocals), Matt Kennedy (mandolin and vocals). Murfitt & Main make their home on the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver.

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If the weather is poor on the day of the performance, please call 604-257-8105 after 3pm to confirm the event.

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