Kerrisdale SAKURA
Appreciation Week: The Art of Impermanence April 11-17, 2016

 Location: Kerrisdale Community Centre 5851 West Blvd. Free & Open to the Public

Japanese view of nature is based on impermanence, one of the essential doctrines in Buddhism. When a flower falls and a life ends, Japanese people find utsuroi (transience) there, and love and cherish precious life because it is short, transient and impermanent. The cherry blossom season is short and the petals fall after about a week. This transience of life (utsuroi) expresses impermanence.
Think of utsuroi of seasons and sense again the preciousness of our co-existance with nature….


Sakura Week Program Below


MONDAY, April 11, 1pm- 3pm

Kerrisdale Centennial Park & Senior Centre Lounge
Kerrisdale Tree Talks and Walks

Come dressed for the variable Spring weather.
Meet Robin Clark, a professional forester, for a tree and shrub walk at the main entrance to the Kerrisdale Community Centre (KCC) on West 42nd Ave at 1:00 pm.
We’ll go through the basics of tree and shrub identification and then take a walk along surrounding streets observing specific characteristics of the species we encounter. We’ll return to the Senior Centre Lounge at 2:30 to share tea and discuss the experience.

Tuesday, April 12, 11am – 1pm

Senior Centre Lounge
Wabi-Sabi” Photo Exhibition by Noriko Nasu-Tidbal

Wednesday, April 13, 10am-noon

Senior Centre Craft Room
Sushi Making Demo & Tasting by Ron Suzuki

Master how to make sushi at home. Easy to follow step-by-step sushi making workshop and tasting! Max 30 people, First-Come-First-Served

Wednesday, April 13, 1pm – 4pm

Senior Centre Craft Room
Bath Bomb Making Workshop

Beauty Secrets of Japan is a small soap making company located in Vancouver.  Their natural handmade soaps originated in Japan and have actually been crafted through the same family for almost 2 generation.  Max 20 people. First-Come, FIrst-Serived

Thursday, April 14, 1pm – 2:30pm

Senior Centre South Room
Sakura Stories for Young and Old

Join internationally acclaimed storyteller Naomi Steinberg as she draws from her more than 14 years experience performing traditional folk and fairytales. Hear why human life is as precious and ephemeral as cherry blossoms exhaling, all while enjoying riding a magic carpet made from breath and story.

Thursday April 14, 7pm–9pm

Senior Centre South Room

Film, curated by Oliver Hockenhull
Late Spring
(1949, 108 min)
directed by Yasujirō Ozo

Sunday, April 17, 2pm-4pm

Multipurpose Room
Film, curated by Daniel Conrad
Cherry Blossom (2008)
2h 7min

After Rudi’s wife Trudi suddenly dies, he travels to Japan to fulfill her dream of being a Butoh dancer.Recommended for 18 and older.


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